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Rohith Gilla
Rohith Gilla

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TabNine: The last autocomplete AI assistant you will ever need.


Hey everyone, I would like to share an amazing productivity tool I have been using and I could say it made difference in the way I code.

Extention Name : Tabnine
VSCode Marketplace : Tabnine
Github Repo: Repo

Note: Tabnine is available for other code editors as well, do check out their website for more details

Post Overview:

  • Overview
  • Installing Tabnine
  • Kite vs Tabnine

Let's Start


Honestly, I have been a productivity freak from a long time, I have tried many different extensions in vscode but recently I came across Tabnine which steals the show.
With such amazing improvements in the field of Artificial Intelligence, this is one of the product that uses AI to help developers.

Example suggestion made by Tabnine

Installing Tabnine

It's just installing the extension from vscode market place.

Install Image

Kite vs Tabnine

Kite is another AI assistant which helps us code faster. Both Tabnine and Kite are doing a great job, here are few pointers which I found that would on using both for sometime.


Installation of Kite is not as simple as Tabnine, because we have to install external application, create account and then install extention in our preferred text editor, there is an option which install extensions automatically in supported editors with a single click on the installed application.

JavaScript suggestions

Here say we want to add another <View> element in the javascript file, you can see how both of them are giving out suggestions. With kite you get two suggestions when you type <Vi and with Tabnine you get five suggestions by typing <V out of which couple of them actually detects the style I want to use.

Kite JS
Kite JS suggestions

Tabnine JS
Tabnine JS suggestions

Python suggestions

This is a django project, say I want to add a new attribute to a model class. In kite we get couple of suggestions, but as a note I wanted to say is kite didn't suggest variable names, while Tabnine suggested variable names.

Python Kite
Kite python suggestions

Python Tabnine
Tabnine python suggestions

RAM usage

Both use almost same amount of RAM, these are snapshots taken when the same project folder is running in visual studio code.
The following screen captures are taken in Activity Monitor in Mac.

Kite RAM
Kite RAM usage

Tabnine RAM
Tabnine RAM usage

Hope you find this extension useful.


Peace ✌🏻,
Rohith Gilla.

Discussion (9)

zakiazfar profile image
Mohd Ahmad

what is the difference between intellicode and tabnine?

gillarohith profile image
Rohith Gilla Author

Nice question
So tabnine does more AI magic than vscode intellisense
Also tab nine has no limitations on the languages supported

zakiazfar profile image
Mohd Ahmad

I am asking for intellicode not intellisense. Intellicode is a vscode extension which suggests autocomplete with ai.

Thread Thread
gillarohith profile image
Rohith Gilla Author
Thread Thread
zakiazfar profile image
Mohd Ahmad

Oh thanks a lot

rafa761 profile image
Rafael Ferreira

Interesting article, thank you

gillarohith profile image
Rohith Gilla Author

Welcome :)

_deekshithanand profile image
Deekshith Anand

Does this conflic with vscode intellicode suggestions? or did you have any duplicate suggestions

gillarohith profile image
Rohith Gilla Author

Yes you may get duplicates but in the top you will see what you need usually