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Generate your own wrapped 2021


Hello, I have come with my final article of the year, with the wrapped trends going on every where right from spotify wrapped to github wrapped, I have decided to bring wrapped to

Yes you have heard it right, now you can generate wrapped.

The wrapped will look something similar to this 🥳

This gives your annual stats of the articles published in 2021

  • Total articles
  • Month which you have writen most articles in
  • Total comments received
  • Total reactions received
  • Total reading time which your articles count to.

How to use

Can't wait to find out yours? follow the simple steps and generate one for yourselves and share it to the world.

Dev API currently doesn't support oauth logins, so you have to

manually enter the api key here. But don't worry, the API key is

stored only in your browser cookies securely. To get your API key

follow the steps 👇🏼

  • Go to your profile page and click on the Settings page and click on account, or use this link
  • Scroll a bit, you will see DEV Community API Keys section, write your own description and generate API Key.
  • The page will reload, then navigate back to the section, you will see the toggle on your api key description, click on it and you will see your API key.
  • Once you have the API key, paste it in the text field of this website and click on Get Stats button and view your stats 🥳

Tech Stack

This app has been built using the following tech stack.

That's all!
Remix is amazingly good, very great DX and its a treat to use. I will be writing more remix content soon, so stay tuned.


This entire project is Open Source, you can find it here
Leave a star if you liked it ⭐️
You can leave a PR if you want to or can add a feature request in the issues tab :D

The app is hosted on Netlify and is available here

I will add a few more features soon, will share it on my twitter, so if you want to stay in the loop feel free to drop a follow there.

Thanks and can't wait to see your wrapped in the comments below

Rohith Gilla

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Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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Rohith Gilla

Yayy thanks 🥳

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Thomas Bnt ☕

Very nice project ! 👍☃️🥳

gillarohith profile image
Rohith Gilla

Thank you so much 🙌🏻🥳

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Aarav Reddy

Good stuff.