How do you develop your personal brand?

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Nowadays, many software developers, creators, entrepreneurs and managers in the industry (in the Bay and outside of it) are trying to promote their own personal brand or aspire to do so, in order to achieve many goals such as: securing a better position where they work, prove themselves as an expert in some field, get a better job elsewhere, promote their own company/product etc.

Many do it using many different tools and techniques, such as writing tech blogs, hosting a podcast, speak at conferences, tweet, network with specific individuals, actively participate in chats and forums, and many more.

What do you think about it? Do you actively trying to promote yourself? If you do, then how and what are your goals, and if you don't, then why?

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I am looking forward to writing more blogs to promote myself.

My approach for that is simple, I learned it from the marketer Seth Godin, help people you can help as best as you can then they will be coming for you to learn and ask.

In general I like the idea of people promoting themselves and talking to like-minded people, so I like when developers doing the same too.


Funny you mention Seth Godin; just heard a repost of an interview Tim Ferriss had with him back in 2016, in Tim Ferriss' podcast. 😁


He is really good at what he does and deserves listening to for anyone not just developers.


Good topic!

I've been blogging and doing open source for 4 years now. My main goal was to share my journey and what I was learning in the whole process. I didn't think a lot about personal brand, to be honest. I always wanted to spread knowledge and my experiences while working as a software engineer. To have a "good personal brand" is a consequence for me. I focus more on the content and the value, instead of the outcome.

It's good to the ego, but some numbers (followers, likes, claps, etc) are also a good metric to understand the value you're bringing to developers.

I'm just doing me.


Writing blog posts, speaking in tech conferences, using Dev.to to comment on other people's blog post, being shameless to share to interest groups that are in the specific group you like to target.

For example, I always create articles around my 3 main core of tags in dev which is startup, webdev & python

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