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Interior Designing courses in Kolkata

Interior Designing Course in Kolkata
Interior Design is nothing but artistic planning of a property’s interior. It is all about providing a creative solution to a space. Interior Designing is a perfect reconciliation between art and practical functionality.

For all those who have an interest in designing the interiors, come forward and join our interior designing course in Kolkata at GIFT Design Academy.

Our interior designing course in Kolkata helps in a clear understanding of colors, space planning and construction materials. Our course is equally suitable for existing professionals and newcomers. You get to learn under an experienced team of interior professionals. It is sure that by the end of the course, you as an interior designer will be able to carve out magic out of normal spaces.

We have a huge array of interior designing courses in Kolkata and the course fees entirely depends upon the course you go for. Some of the courses available are:
1) 3 years professional interior designing course and management studies

2) 2 years Professional Interior Designing course

3) 1 year Professional Interior Designing course

Any one who has passed graduation can apply for our interior designing courses in Kolkata. Minimum age requirement is 16 years. Basic knowledge of English will be an added advantage.

Our interior designing course in Kolkata asks, thinks, crafts and iterates to create products that achieve results. Our interior designing institute in Kolkata provides a clear understanding of the following topics:

1) Interior Design Fundamentals
2) Design Principles
3) Human Comfort
4) Ergonomics
5) Color Theory
6) Materials
7) Application
8) Space Planning
9) Aesthetic

This interior design course is all about thinking innovatively, designing for a better social impact and all this comes with practical and project based learning. We encourage the students to develop solutions pertaining to current times and keeping sustainability in mind.
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