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Send Slack Notification when Pod is in crashloopbackoff state

Projectsveltos is a Kubernetes add-on controller that simplifies the deployment and management of add-ons and applications across multiple clusters. It runs in the management cluster and can programmatically deploy and manage add-ons and applications on any cluster in the fleet, including the management cluster itself. Sveltos supports a variety of add-on formats, including Helm charts, raw YAML, Kustomize, Carvel ytt, and Jsonnet.

Projectsveltos though goes beyond managing add-ons and applications across a fleet of #Kubernetes Clusters. It can also proactively monitor cluster health and provide real-time notifications.

For example, Sveltos can be configured to detect pods in a crashloopbackoff state within any of the managed clusters and send immediate #slack notifications alerting administrators to potential issues.

Detect a Pod in crashloopbackoff state

Detect crashing pods and send Slack Notification

Projectsveltos has two custom resource definitions to achieve this goal:

  1. HealthCheck defines what to monitor. It accepts a #lua script. Sveltos's monitoring capabilities extend to all Kubernetes resources, including custom resources, ensuring comprehensive oversight of your infrastructure.
  2. ClusterHealthCheck defines which clusters to monitor and where to send notifications
kind: HealthCheck
 name: crashing-pod
 group: ""
 version: v1
 kind: Pod
 script: |
   function evaluate()
     hs = {}
     hs.status = "Healthy"
     hs.ignore = true
     if obj.status.containerStatuses then
        local containerStatuses = obj.status.containerStatuses
        for _, containerStatus in ipairs(containerStatuses) do
          if containerStatus.state.waiting and containerStatus.state.waiting.reason == "CrashLoopBackOff" then
            hs.status = "Degraded"
            hs.ignore = false
            hs.message = obj.metadata.namespace .. "/" .. .. ":" .. containerStatus.state.waiting.message
            if containerStatus.lastState.terminated and containerStatus.lastState.terminated.reason then
              hs.message = hs.message .. "\nreason:" .. containerStatus.lastState.terminated.reason
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kind: ClusterHealthCheck
 name: crashing-pod
 clusterSelector: env=fv
 - name: crashing-pod
   type: HealthCheck
     kind: HealthCheck
     name: crashing-pod
 - name: slack
   type: Slack
     apiVersion: v1
     kind: Secret
     name: slack
     namespace: default
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Slack Notifications

All YAMLs used in this example can be found here

Centralised View

Projectsveltos also offers the ability to display health of the clusters it manages. This information can then be accessed and displayed using Sveltos' CLI in the management cluster.


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