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How to create an institutional Gmail email?

Currently there are many people who are looking for how to create Gmail institutional mail, especially because it brings benefits for educational institutions.

Universal Web Peru, puts at your disposal the steps to activate and create institutional emails in Gmail. Therefore, you must first have a domain and hosting to get your email for your college or university, without further ado let's start.

Steps to create an institutional email in Gmail
Now in order to know the steps to create an institutional Gmail email, you must follow the following steps:

Sign in to your Gmail account.
On the main page go to "Settings" and select the nice display density.
Click on the "Accounts" tab.
Click on "Add a POP3 email account of your property".
A new tab will appear, there you must write the address you want to configure and click on "Next".
The form must be completed verbatim. Then, the word "mail" must be entered followed by the domain of the specific institution or company. And ready!
Universal Web has advisors to help you buy your institutional Gmail and activate it. Therefore, write to us at WhatsApp to help you buy institutional Gmail emails.

That is why creating institutional Gmail emails is very simple and uncomplicated. It is important to mention that a verification email will be sent to the account that was configured in order to confirm and activate it.

Advantages of creating institutional email Gmail
It is surprising the multiple modifications that Gmail has so that its users have many facilities. In addition, there are options that can work very well for work or study activities, especially in a digitization stage.

Google Meet
Google Meet is one more Google g-suite application. therefore, it is used by teachers, administrators and students through different devices with internet access using the institutional account.

Zoom is a calling and video conferencing tools. Ideal for virtual meetings and classes in times of a pandemic. In addition, this application can include up to 1000 participants in a video call.

In an educational context, it is best to turn to G. Suite for education that Gmail offers and do it through it.

That is why creating an institutional Gmail email is so simple, in reality the steps are few and it is really useful. therefore, the ideal way to obtain results through an online medium.

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