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Interview with MMBot Tibia Bot Developer

The Don Juan of Game Hacking
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This is an interview we did with the developer at, you can find a bunch of tutorials showing you how to make tibia hacks here.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm Petko123, 21 year old Croatian kid that likes to program and hack games. I like to read books and watch videos regarding programing and IT stuff. I started playing games when I was like 7 years old and never really had interest in tech whatsoever. As years went by and my tiny brain started understanding things I got more and more interested in programming.

Do you go to school or work in a field related to information technology or cyber security?

Nope. Programming and game hacking is simply a hobby to me. All of the things I know about these topics I learned by watching videos, reading some stuff from books or online and practicing on my own.

How did you get interested in game hacking?

I was always playing games, mostly MMORPGs and had to do some boring tasks such as level up my character or heal myself by pressing multiple keys on my keyboard. This was really annoying and I would get bored very quickly. My brothers and friends showed me a cool bot that was made to automate these boring tasks and I got so hooked onto it that I was spending more time tweaking it and making simple scripts for it than actually playing the game. Quickly I realized that the bot got outdated and was lacking some features I needed for my cavebot scripts. Then I decided I will make my own bot and implement all the features that this bot didn't have.

How did you find Guided Hacking?

I found GuidedHacking by searching videos on youtube on how to make a bot. First result I got was an old Fleep's video on making external cheat for Assault Cube. I didn't understand anything he said, but I still sat down and followed all of his videos until I had a simple cheat for Assault Cube. After making that simple cheat I got motivation to work harder and every day I was getting closer to my goal of making my own Tibia bot.

What technologies / programming languages do you have experience with?

I know few programming languages such as C++, C#, Lua and Python. Every language except C++ I know only the basics, which was enough for me to do simple scripts I needed at that time.

What's your favorite?

That's definitely C++. I've been learning it for 2 years now and it's the best language ever made. If I need a simple or advanced program I will always go with C++, even if it takes double the time compared to some other languages. I got really familiar with it and learned all the concepts it has to offer so it's easy for me to write basically anything. And also, it's the best language for game hacking. It's really powerful, let's you manipulate memory, write hooks, call functions from your DLL and manage your own memory like a real man with big PP.

What parts of the game hacking field interest you the most?

Making MMORPG bots and playing around with packets.

What are your favorite tools you like to use when hacking games?

I use a lot of tools and I can't imagine doing anything without these programs.

Cheat engine is the first one. Best memory scanner available and can give you quick insight about the game.

Next one is IDA Pro. Its' decompiler and plugin called ClassInformer are best features of this program. It's a life saver sometimes and makes my job of finding interesting functions and classes I should look into much easier.

x32 debugger is the best debugger you can use. It's got so many cool features and a nice looking GUI where assembly is easy to read and follow.

ReClass is an amazing tool for reversing structures inside memory. It's got a nice feature of converting everything to C++ code so you get all reversed classes inside your C++ project within minutes.

What's your most memorable project or the one you're most proud of?

Definitely my Tibia bot that I made. That was my goal from day 1 when I started learning programming and game hacking. That's the only reason I started learning this basically :D It took me around 6 months to make, everything from scratch. I learned a ton by reversing different structures in memory and finding functions I wanna hook or call.

What are your thoughts on anticheat?

I think it's a great. I sometimes play FPS games for fun with my friends and I specifically choose games with anticheat because I don't like playing against cheaters. Even tho anticheats get more and more intrusive and gain kernel access they still can't stop some smart individuals. I am not into hacking any anticheat protected games nor reversing anticheat, but if someone is that's great.

What do you think is the hardest part about learning game hacking or hacking in general?

Reverse engineering. I call it an ART because it takes a long time to master and even after years of doing it you will always find something new that you will struggle with. That also makes it fun because you will never reverse engineer same games, every game is written differently and has something unique that will make this process more interesting. If you don't like this then you shouldn't be doing game hacking.

Do you have any advice for those wishing to learn?

I will basically say everything that's already said in the Game Hacking Bible. You need to be serious about game hacking. If you think you can learn this in 1 hour and make your own cheats - forget it. Don't even waste your time. Sometimes you will spend weeks reversing something before you understand how it works. You need to be serious, hard working individual that has little bit of brain. You need to really concentrate on basics and get solid foundation for further knowledge. If you skip something you will struggle in future. You need to understand programming language like C/C++ not because you need to write the best code, but to know how to reverse engineer it and recognize something inside the game. So concentrate more on reverse engineering aspect than learning every single feature that language has to offer.

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