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We could always use a little help with xeogl, which is a WebGL and EC6-based 3D library for visualizing and navigating nerdy things like architecture, CAD models etc.


I reckon we'll have a few first-contributor-friendly tasks going forwards, and ideas, suggestions and PRs are always welcome.

One task task that would be a good starter: adding a minification/uglification step to our gulp-based build process - see this issue.

Would also be nice to add transpilation (eg. using Babel) to EC5. At some point we'll also want to publish the library as a node module.

I'm the creator of this project. I also used to tutoring programming in a university, which I really enjoyed, so we welcome contributions from beginners and gurus alike.

Any contribution is good value, including critique and ideas on where this project should go next. Hit that issue tracker if this one tickles your fancy!

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