Are there any practice sites like CodeWars and HackerRank, but for CSS?

Ghost on November 12, 2018

I'm on a roll. Like, really into a flow with CSS at this point. I'd hate to get rusty while I continue looking for work. Know any CSS kata sites? Challenging mock-ups to layout? Anything of the sort?

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CSS Diner is cool. Starts out easy but goes on to cover more advanced selectors. Probably more beginner-oriented though.


That could be a pretty great use case for

If you or anyone else want to use the #csschallenge tag (along with the #challenge tag), go for it!


On that note, #codepenchallenge might also be fun for general frontend execution.


Challenge winners are chosen by comment hearts. could probably send swag to comment winners (at least some of the time, we'd need to work out the details)

What a great idea! I have a few things I could share under #csschallenge from back my teaching days. :)

I also like the idea of #codepenchallenge. Do you see them as being separate sorts of challenges? Like pure layout for #csschallenge and more interactive challenges as #codepenchallenge?

Yeah, they could be separate things. If you want to make a #csschallenge post and make the rules, we’ll make sure it gets at least a few entrants for the first one. 😄

This is a really good idea !!! It could be very funny (and instructive also, of course). You can count on me to participate if you make a #csschallenge ;)

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