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Am I using too many Coding sites?

Hi guys,

After some advice. Wanted to start coding for awhile now with the aim to change careers too. And I also intend on starting a second degree in the autumn via distance learning. What I am worried about is that I keep flittering about with different websites that will teach me to “code”?

Basically got a list of;

  • SoloLearn App.
  • Courses
  • CodeAcademy
  • The Odin Project
  • freeCodeCamp
  • Scrimba
  • Pluralsight

Which would you all recommend? I want to focus. But I also won’t the best one that will help me get a job in the industry.

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Gary R Krause • Edited

I really enjoyed the Mosh Hamedani's courses on Udemy for C#. So +1 for Udemy or his site directly. However, I've heard LOADS of good things about Pluralsight, but I've never used it since I only use free resources at the moment.
Do you have a language in mind?

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I’ve spend some time talking to some developers who work with my Cousins Husband. They recommend HTML5, CSS3 and then on to JavaScript and node.JS & Angular.

I want to do stuff online. And preferably free. But if I’m going to move into the industry I need proof I can do what I say I can do.

I am looking into starting a second degree in Computing and IT (Software) in October.

This is all about getting a better job in a more interesting field for me.

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Prateek Thapa

I highly recommend FrontEndMasters, as they are by far the best resource to learn front end development.