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Discussion on: Vue or React?

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Ghaleb Author • Edited

You think so? You don't believe that the monumental popularity that these frameworks have today will cause them to linger for a while? I mean the only reason jQuery is even relevant today is because there remains a great number of projects that used it some years ago. What would "kill" a framework like React or Vue so soon and allow a library like jQuery to live for so long?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

I think jQuery lived because of web browser wars; and ES6 and Webpack replaced it.

Right now, you can actually code fine with vanilla JS. Going for something new would be ES dev server or Vite, but I can really bet on it yet.

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Ghaleb Author

I agree. You can code fine with vanilla JS. That's exactly my point.

jQuery is essentially redundant at this stage, but it remains relevant because of its past popularity.

I think it is likely that the comparable popularity of these JS frameworks will prevent them from dying out quickly—even if they become replaceable.