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BootstrapVue or Vuetify for a Nuxt.js Project?

I have been reading on this topic for a couple of days now. I want to pick a UI library for my project and I am mostly torn between these two options.

Looking at the documentation of both tools, I feel that Vuetify offers a bigger variety of components. Also, Vuetify's data-table component is a clear winner compared to that of BootstrapVue.

However, even a quick search is enough to show that Vuetify is by no means a clear winner; many seem to prefer BootstrapVue.

Disregarding any bias against material design (because I don't have any) which would you pick? And why?

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Vuetify is nice. Good Documentation, Treeshakable, easy to integrate. But hasn’t worked with bootstrap vue so far. I like the material style.