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Gopi Gorantala
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Bit Manipulation Mastery: A Free Course for Technical Interviews

I launched a FREE "A Fun Guide To Bit Manipulation For Coding Interviews" course for Problem-solvers, competitive programming aspirants, and FAANG/startup aspirants.

Takeaway Skills

  • Master problem-solving that involves bit manipulation.

  • Master how the bit-level operations are computed. Understand that bit-level operations are based on all the arithmetic operations built into all languages.

  • These bit tricks help in competitive programming in running algorithms mostly in O(1) time.

  • Master the bit manipulation, which allows you to organize all inputs in binary representation at the memory levels.

  • Solve problems that are commonly asked in coding interviews related to bit manipulation.

  • Solutions are available in 5 different languages.

"From Zero To Binary Hero: A Fun Guide to Bit Manipulation For Coding Interviews"

What do you get?

✅ 44 lessons categorized based on topics.
✅ 28 challenges.
✅ 27+ Illustrations.
✅ 271 solutions provided.
✅ Solutions are written in Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, and TypeScript.
✅ GitHub repository access.
📢 Rust and Go solutions are in progress.
📢 Few Medium, Hard problems asked at FAANG, top tech, and startup companies are on the way. You will see them live in 2-3 weeks.

Course Overview

This course teaches bit manipulation, a powerful technique to enhance algorithmic and problem-solving skills. It is a critical topic for those preparing for coding interviews for top tech companies, startups and industry leaders. Competitive programmers can take full advantage of this course by running most of the bit-related problems in O(1) complexity.

The course will begin by educating you about the number system and its representation, decimal and binary, followed by the six bitwise operators: AND, OR, NOT, XOR, and bit-shifting (left, right).

You will receive ample practical experience working through practice problems to improve your comprehension.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to solve problems with greater efficiency and speed.


A few lessons listed here are from the course:

Note: In the upcoming edits, you will see the following items:

  1. Solutions in Rust and Go.
  2. A few medium and hard problems were asked in recent FAANG and fast-paced startup coding interviews.

Please take some time to share feedback. It helps and encourages me to write more courses and make them FREE forever.

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