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What personal blogs would you recommend?

gexos profile image George X. ・1 min read

I'm looking for more reading from personal blogs, these are the current ones I read:


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Justin Mancinelli

Grabbed from "high priority reads" folder of my RSS reader then added in info about each person. In no particular order. (Also, I hope RSS never dies)
Ian Nowland - VP Eng Metrics and Alerts @ Datadog. Formerly SVP Compute Platform Eng @ Two Sigma, and creator of Nitro @ AWS EC2
Cap Watkins - CXO at Primary. Prev: VP of Design@BuzzFeed. Also worked at Etsy, Amazon, and a bunch of failed startups
Keavy McMinn - Senior principal engineer at @fastly. Formerly @GitHub, @livingsocial, @infoether
Orion Edwards - Team lead for mobile apps specialising in iOS and Android.
Annyce Davis - Engineering Manager @Meetup. Prev software group lead at Zola Electric, Software Development Manager at The Washington Post
Mary Poppendieck - Author of Lean Software Development, Implementing Lean Software Development, Leading Lean Software Development, and The Lean Mindset.
Erik Bernhardsson - Head of Engineering and Product of Better. Prev Spotify
Mike McGarr - Senior Engineering Manager at Slack. Prev Netflix.
Kellan Elliott-McCrea - Leading Sync, Mobile, and the Personal at Dropbox. Previously SVP at Blink Health, CTO at Etsy, Flickr Architect
Cate Huston - Mobile Lead at Automattic. Prev Director of Mobile Engineering at Ride, an engineer at Google, an Extreme Blue intern at IBM, and a ski instructor
Chelsea Troy - Engineering Consultant at The Zooniverse, Prev Pivotal Labs
Mark Cerqueira - Engineering Manager at Twitch. Prev Evernote, Smule
Marcus Wemuth - Engineering Manager at Buffer
Lara Hogan - Management/Leadership coach and trainer at Wherewithall. Former VPE Kickstarter, Engineering Director Etsy.
Jason Wong - Engineering leader, diversity & inclusion consultant. Prev Infrastructure Engineering Team Lead at Etsy
Johanna Rothman - Consultant helping managers and leaders do reasonable things that work. Author of 14 books and counting
Hakan Forss - Lean/Agile Coach at NetEnt. Prev King, Ericsson
Dave Nicolette - IT professional since 1977. Consultant since 1984
Roman Pichler - Author of Strategize: Product Strategy, Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age, and Agile Product Management with Scrum
Stephan Boyer - Engineer at Airbnb and MIT alumnus
Fabien Sanglard - Author of the Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D and the Game Engine Black Book: DOOM
Camille Fournier - Engineer, CTO, member of the Apache ZooKeeper community. Author, “The Manager’s Path."

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George X. Author

That's a great list, I will ckeck them all, thank you for your input!