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Why we should Use GetFlutter Open-Source Library

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Why we should use GetFlutter UI Library and what are the benefits of this library?

Some of the important point why we should use GetFlutter:

A) GetFlutter is a Flutter UI Library. It is an open-source project and free to use.

B) It has 1000+ pre-built component widgets that allow you to build Flutter easier and hustle free.

C) GetFlutter will save upto 30% development time for you.

D) It is easy to use. You can import only your required components packages instead of hole dart packages that save your app size.

E) It's Architecture Schema is a good design so it is easy to understand.

You keep getting new components updates that help you build an awesome Flutter UI for your APP.

GetFlutter has an open Roadmap where you can see the development progress as well you can vote us regarding what the next component should we released.

Getting Start:

You can check out our how to start using our dart package

Install Package from

Import full package:

import 'package:getflutter/getflutter.dart';

Note: dependencies: getflutter: ^1.0.0

In case you need only Specific Component of Library:

Import the required component in .dart file: eg- "Button component"

Alt Text

import 'package:getflutter/components/button/gf_button.dart';

Call the name of the component with its properties:

onPressed: (){},
text: "primary",


Example to add a primary button:

import 'package:getflutter/components/button/gf_button.dart';

onPressed: (){},
text: "primary",

Now you keep explore all the components on GetFlutter Docs and/or you can check out on our GitHub repository.


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