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International Women’s Day: Spotlighting Our Women in Tech

The 8th of March was International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and cherishing the hard work of women across the world. At Pieces, we hosted a roundtable discussion on Twitter space on March 21st where many of the women at our workplace shared their journey and experiences in the tech space.

There is a very good reason to celebrate women in tech; women are largely underrepresented in the technology field in general. According to this survey, women make up just 35% of employees in STEM in the US. These are shocking numbers, especially when it relates to receiving funds and promotions in the industry. Thanks to inclusive programs like Women In Tech (WIT), Women Who Code, Women in STEM, etc., more young girls and women have started embracing STEM as a career path.

We are grateful to the following women for sharing their experiences:

  • Leonie Bossemeyer, a Machine Learning Engineer, with an initial background in economics, is now pursuing her PhD in machine learning.
  • Laurin McNulty, Head of Design, is in her second year with Pieces, her first role out of college.
  • Erin Freeman, Growth Intern, graduating this May from Miami University in Communications and Entrepreneurship.
  • Rosie Levy, Chief Customer Officer, joined Pieces in December after working in software for 9 years in a variety of roles.
  • Anushka Gupta, Developer Advocate, is a computer science graduate who will be joining AWS soon as a programming manager.
  • Sophia Iroegbu, Developer Advocate, hosted this space, focusing on back-end development and technical writing.

Discussion Highlights

Overcoming Intimidation and Imposter Syndrome

Leonie, initially daunted by the expertise of her peers, reminds us that it's okay not to have all the answers at first. Sophia's transition from agriculture to tech highlights the diversity of backgrounds in the industry. Anushka's experience with coding highs and lows underscores the importance of resilience in the face of challenges, while Laurin, Erin, and Rosie share their battles with Imposter Syndrome, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and building confidence.

Embracing Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

Rosie's journey from engineer to developer to product owner exemplifies the power of saying "yes" to new experiences, even when they seem daunting. Leonie's thinking outside of the box approach, such as her discovery of an older, simpler, yet effective algorithm to solve a problem, showcases the value of humility and perseverance in tech. Additionally, the projects undertaken by Laurin and Erin, from project management to growing developer communities, demonstrate the growth that comes from stepping out of one's comfort zone and embracing new responsibilities. It’s okay to be clueless when you are just getting started.

Balancing Work and Life

Beyond the code, these women emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. From Laurin's dedication to a hobby like painting to Erin's strategic scheduling and self-care practices, each woman emphasizes the need to prioritize personal well-being alongside professional growth. On the other side, Leonie expresses that sometimes work can be so compelling and exciting that it can be both your work and your hobby, as long as you are achieving what you want to be achieving and doing work that makes you happy.

Paving the Way for Future Generations

In their commitment to diversity and inclusion, these women speak on the importance of making strides in their own careers but also actively working to create opportunities for others. Anushka's advocacy for open-source programs and Rosie's mentorship of high school interns highlight the importance of nurturing talent from a young age. Similarly, Laurin, Erin, and Leonie stress the significance of representation and allyship in fostering an inclusive tech community. All of the women of Pieces agree that diversity begins with them, in hiring, in advocating for voices that aren’t being heard in the conference room, and championing each other every single day.

Words of Wisdom and Encouragement

As the discussion draws to a close, each woman offers their own advice to those navigating their own tech journeys:

  • Laurin: Embrace change, have confidence in yourself, and never stop learning.
  • Anuskha: It's okay not to know everything; take your time to learn and grow.
  • Leonie: Dive into projects that interest you; they provide the perfect opportunity for learning.
  • Rosie: Struggling is part of the journey; remember that others face similar challenges, so keep pushing forward.
  • Erin: Step out of your comfort zone, build new skills, and try things that scare you.
  • Sophia: Start small, tackle challenges head-on, and remember it's okay to take breaks when needed.

Moving Forward with Confidence

As we reflect on the insights shared by these trailblazing women, one thing becomes clear: the tech industry is richer and more vibrant when diverse voices are heard and celebrated. With their resilience, passion, and unwavering dedication, they inspire us all to embrace challenges, uplift one another, and forge ahead with confidence on our own paths to success.

Here are some communities you can join to network with other women across the world:


As we drew closer to the end of the session, we discussed a bit more on time management, avoiding regrets, and being happy with who you are and where you are. Our heartfelt wish is that these roundtable discussions inspire you to keep going, keep building, keep growing, keep learning, and keep connecting and uplifting the women you connect with.

You can listen to the full recorded conversation here.

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