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How to Connect WooCommerce to Google Sheets in 3 minutes

This is an easy-to-setup, channel-agnostic alternative to tools like WP All Import, Zapier, Coupler, and

This guide will show you how to connect your WooCommerce store to Google sheets using Mellow.
Mellow is a Google Sheets add-on, which means that you don't need to install any plugin on your WooCommerce store!

It connects to your spreadsheet on one end, and to all of your sales channels on the other end - and keeps everything in sync. Every inventory update is automatically being propagated to all other sales channels.

What you need

  1. Google Sheets
  2. WooCommerce store

What will get synced

  1. Inventory stock changes
  2. Sales orders (optional)

Table of contents

  1. Step 1 - Install the Add-on
  2. Step 2 - Setup sheet settings
  3. Step 3 - Sign Up
  4. Step 4 - Connect your store!
  5. You're all set
  6. Bonus: Syncing sales orders
  7. Next up: Product Listings, More Integrations
  8. Talk to us

Step 1 - Install the Add-on

Install it here:

If the add-on does not show up on your extensions menu, try to hard refresh your page (hold down CTRL + click Refresh on Chrome).

Step 2 - Setup sheet settings

Open your spreadsheet, then click 'Extensions' -> 'Mellow - Sync your eCommerce store'.
Note that it might take a couple of seconds for the add-on to appear on the menu.

This step requires you to specify where your inventory data can be found. That is, what's the name of your inventory sheet, and the following columns: Item Name, SKU (optional), and Stock on Hold.

Mellow will automatically attempt to identify those columns for you.

Step 3 - Sign Up

Enter your email address and choose a password. If you already have an account, it will automatically sign you in.
As simple as that.

Step 4 - Connect your store!

Almost there!
All that you have left is to connect your store. Simply put your store URL and click 'Connect'.

Now, WooCommerce's authorization window should automatically open in a new tab.
In order for Mellow to be able to read and write data on your store, we need to setup programmatic access to your store. Hence, we must have your consent.

After clicking 'Approve', you'll be redirected to Mellow's website. You can go ahead and close it and get back to your spreadsheet.

You're all set

Now, that WooCommerce is connected, you can fetch inventory changes from your store to your sheet, by clicking 'Fetch changes'.
Fetching changes will automatically update your sheet's Stock Quantity column with the updated quantities.

It is recommended that all manual stock adjustments (e.g: for recording incoming shipments) will be performed by clicking the 'Adjust stock' button. This is the only safe way to increase/decrease stock manually, because it will not override existing stock count for an item, but simply adjust it by the specified offset.

You can of-course completely overwrite stock quantities altogether right from your spreadsheet by changing quantities and clicking 'Save changes', but it is highly discouraged. Reason being that if a sales order for an item is being processed right before you manually overwrite the quantity for that item, then the sales order adjustment will be lost.

For instance, say you have item ABC (stock qty: 10). A sales order of 5 units was processed by WooCommerce. Unaware of that order, you noticed that 1 unit is damaged and decided to fix its stock quantity from 10 to 9 units. You manually change the quantity for item ABC to 9 units and save changes. Now, instead of having 4 units recorded for item ABC (-5 from the sales order and -1 for being damaged), you have 9, which is obviously incorrect.

To avoid encountering that issue, simply adjust the stock by -1 via the dedicated 'Adjust stock' button, and our system will make sure to adjust it properly without losing any other data.

Bonus: Syncing sales orders

Optionally, Mellow also enables you to pull sales orders to your spreadsheet!
This requires you to have a dedicated sales orders sheet with the following columns: Item name, SKU (optional), Order ID, Order status, Order quantity. We have a template already ready for you here.

You can use your own custom order statuses, but you'll have to map them to statuses Mellow is able to understand. For instance, status 'In progress' would be mapped to Mellow's 'Processing' status.
In order to configure sales orders connection settings, click 'Settings' on the top right side of the add-on. Then, this window will appear:

Once your sales orders sheet is synced, Mellow automatically creates a column named 'Source' which tells you (and us 😅) where each sales order was originally created.

Example orders sheet before sync:

Same orders sheet after sync:

Distribute manually created sales orders

It is also possible to create sales orders directly from your sheet and distribute them to your WooCommerce store!

Simply go to 'Settings' -> check the checkbox near 'WooCommerce' under section 'Distribute manually-created orders to sales channels'. You can optionally specify a Customer ID column which contains the WooCommerce Customer IDs for each order, thus associating those orders with a specific customer.

Then, simply add a row for each order item. Order ID should be a uniquely identified string and is used to associate items with orders. Hence, in order to have multiple items under the same order, simply assign them with the same Order ID.

Note that Mellow does not (yet) support merged cells, so make sure to unmerge any merged cells.

Next up: Product Listings, More Integrations

Next up in terms of what we have planned for the near future are two main things:

  1. Multichannel Listing
    • We're working on making it possible to list and edit products on your sales channels directly from your spreadsheet
  2. Support for more integrations (Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, Square, BigCommerce, etc...)

Talk to us

Your feedback means the world to us. We want to keep improving our product, and would love to hear what you have to say.
Talk to me directly via anytime :)

If you find Mellow useful, it is highly appreciated if you rate it on the Google Workspace Marketplace.

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