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Jhonatan Morais
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WIN10 turning on your pc at 02:00 am :/

Hello there, here goes a solution to a regular problem on windows machines.

I keep my PC near to my bed, and when win10 just turn on the PC that broke my sleep. OH GOD!

At beginning I guess it was some kind of virus but is only a routine maintence task. After some days and several tries I found the solution.

The windows 10 usully turn on the pc at 02:00 am to execute his regular maintence, and desactivate that is really simple.

  1. Press WindowsKey + Q
  2. Serch for "Maintenance", click over "Security and Maintenance" usually have a blu flag icon.
  3. Expand the Maintenance section
  4. Click over "Change maintenance settings"
  5. Uncheck the option "Allow ... to wake up my computer..."

Problem solved! THANK GOD!

I've found the solution in these sites:

There are a lot of alternatives there feel free to check those. I just bring here that one which works for me.

See you, Bye!

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

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