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Rich pull requests with gifs

Hello all,

Here is a quick guide about how I offer a rich experience to reviewers and other community members in my pull requests using gifs previews.

Preview of PR using gifs

Preview of one of my last PR's

Tools and websites

To use this technique you will need:

  • A software to recorder your gifs, I suggest Screen2gif at Windows users and Peek to Linux users.

Work process to create, publish, and use the gif.

Know please follow these steps to create your gif (at windows):

  1. Open the Screen2Gif
  2. Pick the recorder option
  3. Resize the recorder area as you need. recorder window
  4. Start to the recorder (f7) and stop it when finish (f8)
  5. The Screen2Gif will open the gif project editor
  6. Now, you can go to the Playback section to run your gif or remove desired frames.
  7. To save o export your gif go to the File Section and click on the Save button
  8. Select your preferred format and hit save. ScresstoGif editor
  9. When the conversion process has done access the wire
  10. Press the Upload button, select your gif file and wait.
  11. When the upload it is complete click on the media option and copy the link optimized to media social option. Step 11 sample
  12. Know just use the link as you wish in you PR description there is he sintaxe template:
 <img with="700px" src="YOUR-LINK" /> 

Video Sample

Here is a short video to show my whole work process:

Important to me ;)

If I help you please consider to leave comments, share it.
Believe me, your feedback it's really important.

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