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Programming Languages: What Could They Sound Like?

Have you ever wondered what a programming language may sound like?

What if programming languages were like nations and each one had their own anthem?

Here's a list of the Top 20 Programming Languages (according to the TIOBE Index for November 2020) and their anthems using Classical music:

Programming Language Anthems (Top 20)

Would you use a different piece for your programing language? Add a comment with its name and suggested anthem!

1) C:

William Tell Overture: Finale (Rossini)

2) Python:

Danse Macabre (Saint-Saëns)

3) Java:

The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Mussorgsky)

4) C++:

Ride of the Valkyries (Wagner)

5) C#:

5th Symphony (Beethoven)

6) Visual Basic:

Dance of the Little Swans (Tchaikovsky)

7) JavaScript:

Summer, Presto (Vivaldi)

I am taking the creative freedom to include TypeScript in this Top 20 rank as "JavaScript with Types" 😊

7.A) TypeScript:

Dance Of The Knights (Prokofiev)

8) PHP:

Sabre Dance (Khachaturian)

9) R:

Adagio for Strings, Op. 11 (Barber)

10) SQL:

The Carnival of the Animals, Aquarium (Saint-Saëns)

11) Groovy:

Pomp and Circumstance, Op. 39 (Elgar)

12) Perl:

Für Elise (Beethoven)

13) Golang:

Hungarian Dance No.5 (Brahms)

14) Swift:

Clair de lune (Debussy)

15) Ruby:

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Tchaikovsky)

16) Assembly:

Flight of the Bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov)


Winter, Allegro Non Molto (Vivaldi)

18) Delphi/Object Pascal:

Lacrymosa (Mozart)

19) Objective-C:

3 Gymnopédies (Satie)

20) Transact-SQL:

Il barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini)

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