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Year of Web3: GetBlock Strengthens its Positions Amidst Falling Market

As the majority of Web3 companies are cutting their marketing budgets and ‘reassessing headcounts’, GetBlock is going to explore new opportunities with recent partnerships and novel services added.

2022 for dApps: Year of Web3 or another ‘Crypto Winter’?

In June, 2022, aggregated cryptocurrency market capitalization slipped below $850 million for the first time since December, 2020. This, in turn, triggered the outflow of funds from crypto-based investing products and funds. Many speakers are indicating the start (or even bottom) of another Crypto Winter that can be similar to the 2018 recession.

At the same time, this controversial context can catalyze a new phase of Web3 revolution. First, there’s no need to focus on overhyped Play-to-Earn and GameFi protocols when prices are down. Gamblers are leaving the market, so the right moment to address fundamental goals of Web3 has come.

Then, bear markets are associated with lower salary expectations of developers and marketers; the projects can switch to healthier compensation models. Funds raised in 2021 can fuel 1-2 years of development for prudent CEOs.

All in all, nothing changed for ‘real’ builders: Q3-Q4 of 2022 still can unveil many interesting Web3 concepts addressing crucial bottlenecks and pains of a global blockchain ecosystem.

Reliable nodes provider for bear market

To meet the next bull rally locked and loaded, projects should equip themselves with cost-efficient and feature-rich infrastructure providers. To help them in doing so, GetBlock advances its services stack and expands its array of partnerships.

Recently, GetBlock launched node clusters functionality, an instrument for advanced security and traffic optimization for mainstream dApps. With node clusters, dApps of all types enjoy reliable connection to blockchain nodes even in times of maximum transactional pressure.

Also, GetBlock has entered into a long-term strategic collaboration with Nervos Network, a unique dual-layer programmatic blockchain. GetBlock rolled out shared and dedicated nodes for Nervos and its scalability network Godwoken. The GetBlock team was among the key speakers of the recent BlockJam conference by Nervos.

As such, GetBlock and its 40+ blockchain nodes APIs are ready to on-board dApps that are ready to change the narrative in Web3 in the next bullrun.

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