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what's your side hustle after work hours?

get_hariharan profile image Hari Haran😎 ・1 min read

What do you do after work time ?

If you have a side hustle how motivated are you to achieve it ?

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Bobby Iliev
  • Together with a few friends we just released a cool project called the Quiz API, it is totally free for developers you should check it out!
  • I contribute to the DigitalOcean community forum, just reached 2000 contributions
  • I have a personal blog
  • I try to write stuff for and DevDojo
  • I recently started a youtube channel
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Rahul Jain

The Quiz API is amazing man!

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Bobby Iliev

Thanks Rahul! 🙌
It is still in beta, a lot more features are coming along the way.

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Adrian Samuel

Bobby your API looks awesome! Maybe something I could use for simple tests 🤔

Also, that’s an incredibly high number of posts on Digital Ocean. Do you get paid for each one?

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Bobby Iliev

Thanks Adrian-Samuel! Hope that you find the API useful 🙌

In the past, for a person with a SysAdmin background, it has been challenging to find open source projects to contribute directly to, helping out on the DigitalOcean community forum is one of the ways I contribute to the community and helping others.

I really like the DigitalOcean community forum as it is much friendlier than other forums like StackOverflow for example.

Stackoverflow fun

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Joe Becher

That is so amazingly accurate.

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Andy Huynh

Better question - what AREN'T you doing..

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

Writing fiction! I'm a multi-genre author with a love of classic style mysteries and fantasy. I've published two books so far, Noah Clue, P.I. and Finding Scrooge, and I've got more in the works.

Right now, I'm writing the second book in the Clue, P.I. series, and the first in my children's series, Emily Cinder.

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Been building this for over a year now .. keeps growing!

I go through peaks and troughs when it comes to time spent building but it's definitely a good thing to have long term that crossed over so many disciplines

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Matt Waler • Edited

I am building out a suite of products, both paid and open source for others!

I'm also always improving my personal site.

I would love feedback/critique of any and all links!

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Cody Ben Lewis

I run a "soft wear" brand, string&&loop. We make and sell knit socks designed using code. The latest are filled with open-source drawings from Google's Quick, Draw! Dataset. Most patterns are generated using Processing, but we also do some custom, non-generative socks for businesses and our favorite bands.

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Charanjit Chana

I write a weekly blog at 1 Thing A Week, something I've been doing for nearly 3 years now. I wasn't sure at the outset if I'd keep it light hearted, technically focused or something else. Answer; all of the above! :)

My favourite thing is to use Trello to plan projects that I never get around to fulfilling. Having said that, I have one in the works which I am going to put out there without any CSS just so I'm forced to focus on it more as a matter of pride. Then there's another that I'll be kicking off for real, but right now I'm still debating if it should be for me to share stuff or if it should be available for anyone to use.

By the end of the year, I hope to have three active projects (four if you include my portfolio) live which will be the most I've ever had at once.

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Charanjit Chana

The strategy of getting it out there paid off and I ended up sorting out the look and feel fairly quickly. is now live, so as of the start of June, I have 2 projects on the go + a portfolio site. Project number 3 will hopefully kick off soon and it's the most ambitious one I have!

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Eleftheria Batsou

My youtube channel :)

I love working on that... and I know I am far away from it but I hope one day it can be my full-time job

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Ruben • Edited

My side hustle is my blog site, :)

I try to explain really code tough subjects at a 7th grade level. One of my goals is to achieve 40k monthly readers per month. It's been a grind, but I've learned to appreciate the small wins.

If I don't appreciate the small wins, I would of quit a long time ago.

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Marissa B

During the summer I run the computer system for a local drag strip. It's a pretty fun gig.

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