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Podcasts Every Software Engineer/developer Should Subscribe To — Part 4

geshan profile image Geshan Manandhar ・2 min read

Podcasts are a great way to learn new things even for the lazy reader. If you are not fast at reading or don’t like it very much podcasts can be your way to get the information with less effort. It is easier than reading. This is a part 4 in the series (do check part 1 and 2 and 3) of podcasts you must subscribe to and listen to as a software engineer. Same as the last 3 times the 3 podcasts listed below have great content and considerably good sound quality too. Below is the list:

Developer Tea by Jonathan

Developer Tea is an exceptional podcast to listen to. Jonathan sometimes does an interview and most of the times it is a discourse on software engineering related topics. A recent episode on Mid-Year Resolutions was a strong reminder that half of the year is gone and in less than six months we will reach 2020.

Agile Thoughts by Agile Noir

Simply put Agile thought is an unconventional podcast. Don’t be scared by the unusual looking cover of the podcast, the content is good. Mostly conversational with some characters, the episodes are short and address day to day issues. I remember episode 29 The value TDD gives to leadership being an intriguing one.

Inside Intercom

Inside intercom is a superb podcast focusing on the product side of things rather than just the technical aspects. The most recent episode on why product teams should focus on outcomes over output was an eye-opener.


I hope you continue your learning journey with the above interesting podcasts. Keep learning!

Originally published at on July 8, 2019.

Discussion (6)

analizapandac profile image
Ana Liza Pandac

I'd like to add the Ladybug Podcast as well by Kelly Vaughn, Ali Spittel, Emma Wedekind, and Lindsey Kopacz.

It's quite new but they've started with really interesting topics such as how to get started in tech, and strategies on working on side projects.

geshan profile image
Geshan Manandhar Author

Can be included in the next part.

michelemauro profile image

May I suggest you Command Line Heroes for the next part?
It's very well edited and narrated, and talks about history and general concepts of the industry.

geshan profile image
Geshan Manandhar Author

Yes, I will check that too.

nuhtig profile image

I'd like to add , an amazing podcast hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski and who's main audience is aimed towards mostly juniors and mid-level devs, but as for more experienced devs, it's still an amazing podcast to remind you that there's more than being a dev than just code.

geshan profile image
Geshan Manandhar Author

Sounds like a good candidate for the next part.

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