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Moving From A and B to ~150 Microservices, the Journey, and Learnings [Slides]

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I gave a talk at #devopsdaysNewy on 24-Oct-2018. It was a great conference with lots of amazing people. I want to thank the organizers for putting together such a fantastic event. I want to extend the thanks to the sponsors who made it possible :). It was very good couple of days to meet new people and form a network. I think my talk on microservices went pretty good too. It was my second devops days and I enjoyed it.

The abstract

Are you frustrated working with large, legacy and potentially lethal code bases? We were frustrated too, but in 4–5 years of time, we replaced A (front-end) and B (back-office) system with ~150 microservices. From the days of no tests and clumsy deployment process, we moved to each service with unit tests, CI and deploying with a bot. With the business buying in the process, we enabled the business to reach new heights. This talk reveals that journey and the things we learned along the way.

The slides

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I gave the same talk at Node Sydney September meetup that went pretty well too. Hope to be able to give more talks in future and meet more interesting people.

Originally published at geshan.com.np.

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Congrats, few companies want and succed this transition. It takes a lot of effort and good people.