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Comment from a deleted article or podcast

Personally I always want something to tell me the essential concept for a tool. Obviously this can be hard sometimes, especially when the tool is itself a new kind of thing*.

So sometimes, it's necessary to just jump in and swim around until it becomes clear whether you're in a swimming-pool or a lake. But to use that analogy I'd like a few pointers, such as: this is not something to try doing a lap of (for the lake). I do think for most tools, by the time they're delivered someone knows the important things to say about it - so I'd like that said early on rather than it being something I'll have to work out in a "Eureka!" moment some hours into the support material.

Re * for the younger ones here, there was a time when spreadsheets were a new concept that required explaining (1980s) and I'll be honest that it took me a while before I twigged what MS PowerPoint was for (in my now-long-passed IT Support years of the 1990s).