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Discussion on: How to add IF-ELSE logic to SQL queries

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Well, there's an irony there. If we set aside performance issues for a moment, the advantage of moving the conditional evaluation from a "hard coded" CASE expression to "rules tables" (I'd probably call that "control tables" personally) is that you can then conveniently change this by editing the data instead of recoding.

Except, often the editing of that data requires building more infrastructure and arranging access rights, whereas once the CASE expression is in a view or stored procedure, usually whoever had access to write the view or stored procedure can readily replace it - even (gasp) in production.

Personally I'm with you though, my ideal is to write/build analytical systems where the code (SQL) is comprehensive and settled, and all behaviour modification is done by editing control data. Alas I usually seem to be alone in that ambition.