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Must have Wordpress plugins in 2022. This list will save you time & money

Have you ever wondered how many awesome Wordpress plugins, that you can use for your business, are out there in the wild and you haven't even heard of them? Some can do those little things that you have always dreamed of and some can even save you money.

How can a Wordpress plugin save you money?

When you are looking for a particular functionality and you want to have it right away on your website, you are more likely to be willing to pay for it. However, there might be a free plugin that does exactly the same thing you need. You just need to dig deeper.

Although this sounds awesome, you might also have to be a bit cautious because some free plugins, that are offering the same functionality as a paid plugin, can be harmful. A free plugin might not have the same coding standards as a premium plugin, it might not have optimized database queries, it might not get future updates, etc.. So sometimes a free plugin can be a double edged sword.

Enough talking, let's get down to the plugins list

1. Elementor

With over 5 million downloads, Elementor is the most popular plugin out there. Using it you can basically build a website in no time and you can use it with any theme.

2. WP-Optimize

This is probably my favourite caching plugin and I prefer it over other plugins. It will help you optimize your website and it will give you a big boost in terms of loading speed which will also help your SEO.

3. Yoast SEO

Speaking of SEO, you must have Yoast SEO. It will add all the necessary meta tags, Facebook & Twitter Open Graph and much more. If you really rely on SEO you definitely need this.

4. Smush – Lazy Load Images

This goes hand in hand with any caching plugin. Smush is really awesome and helps you optimize and lazy-load your images so it will inevitably boost your page speed.

5. BuddyPress

If you are building a community, you can use the most popular community plugin our there. BuddyPress is awesome and it has many 3rd party addons you can use alongside. Me and my team have built an awesome plugin that let's you build BuddyPress pages using Elementor. It's called BuddyPress builder for Elementor - BuddyBuilder and it's free.

6. WooCommerce

If you want to sell stuff online, WooCommerce is the way to go. It has everything you need and it also has lots of official plugins. The only downside of WooCommerce is that you either need a powerful theme that has a solid integration with WooCommerce or you get the pro version of Elementor and some other 3rd party plugins that have Elementor widgets and you build your pages yourself.

7. Wordfence Security

In terms of security, Wordfence is really powerfull. I mostly use it to protect my sites against brute-force attacks. You might not notice anything wrong if you don't have any security plugin installed, but you will be surprised when you'll see that your login form gets bombarded.


There are lots of other useful plugins and for sure you will find the one you need. Just make sure you give a chance to any plugin, not only highly rated plugins.

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How do you configure cache plugin, i have custom widget that cant be cached on homepage is there any other possibility to speed up loading page?