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React, but thats only because I have the most experience with it and use it day in, day out, at work.

Im keeping a close eye on WebComponents. I feel like when they reach maturity, the advantage that any of these frameworks has, is quickly diminished and will not really make sense except on the largest projects.


React is forever growing in popularity George, it's great to see you're keeping up to date with the most modern frameworks. Would you ever consider learning Angular or Vuejs?


I know (knew) angular 1.4/5. My knowledge of React came from migrating an entire product over to React from that.

I would love to learn them both, and I probably could quickly enough if needed. But I just dont have the time and have other priorities both in work and socially to learn a new framework I wouldn't be using with the job. I typically know what is going on with them and the surrounding ecosystems, also can understand the code when looking at others work. Just have never used them.

I would consider my knowledge of React such that it would take a long time for me to full appreciate any other frameworks benefits and be able to make an unbiased comparison. Web Components are the largest future contender due to the inherent simplicity, something I feel is all that is really missing from web development at the moment.


I’ve been using and leaning Angular these days and it has eventually become my favorite tool. Having a Vue background, I didn’t have a hard time picking it up.

I also find rxjs really interesting. Definitely a useful tool in certain situations!


Sounds great Andrei! Nice to see that you are using Angular and Vue when ReactJS is SO popular at the moment, it's good to be different to the crowd sometimes. What made you pick those two over React out of interest?


I’m glad you asked!

I started learning Vue because at that time I had an interest in becoming a better laravel developer. So as Vue was kind of already integrated into laravel, I said why not? Contrary to my habits, I jumped into the vue docs and started learning. After some time, I realized how awesome the javascript ecosystem is and switched over to node from php(I think one of my best decisions, even though php ecosystem played a role in my dev growth)- this happened back in December.

Vue helped me grasp the concepts of a modern js framework, and then as the time passed, I realized it all comes down to knowing the fundamentals and you can learn everything and see every framework/tools as a way to solve your problems.

Angular was a true challenge to me. It felt a little overwhelming at the beginning, but thanks to knowing the fundamentals and prioritizing the goals, it turned out pretty well.

So, I’d say it all stems from curiosity and my desire to become a better dev. That means I’d also like to try react one day.😬


Hi Georgia, I believe this post would benefit with #discuss tag.

I don't have a favorite as I haven't used other frameworks.
I've only used dabbled AngularJS (yes, version 1) years ago and didn't like it. And now I use only React mostly.

Checked out Svelte 3 and seems promising as well.


Thanks very much Sung, I am new her so I wasn't aware of the #discuss tag but thanks for letting me know.

It's good that you are set on React. Always great to master one language very well. Are there any negatives/limitations to using React?


React requires a bit of mind shift (Functional Programming, Declarative programming) if you are familiar with OOP only.

And also React is not opinionated.

  • You can use whatever library with React (for routing, state management) at a cost of having to research what library will work for you.
  • You can structure your React project anyway you want, which could give you a freedom but would require a rule internally with other devs.

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