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Discussion on: I am a remote Fullstack developer who runs his own software company, Ask Me Anything!

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George Hanson

Hey Daniel, welcome to DEV! :)

Do you generally build your own software, or is it creating software at the request of clients?

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Daniel Montano Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Hey George, thanks, glad to join the community :)

I'm actually doing both now. I started out as a freelancer for many years and worked as a contractor for clients. I make a living building apps for clients. Been working remotely since 2010.

I recently decided to start getting into building my own tools and apps.

I have a couple I've done so far. Here's one you might find interesting, if you're curious. It's a free estimation tool for developers. It's called Devstimate.

It's handy because you can re-use estimation tasks you have estimated before, so you don't have to constantly estimate and calculate repetitive tasks.

You can estimate with an Agile approach using story points, estimate with hours, or use flat fees: It's available for iOS and Android

I kind of like the idea of building tools to help fellow developers. I'm thinking of building some more in the future.