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Discussion on: Building VueJS Applications with TypeScript

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George Hanson Author

Hi there,

I generally prefer to keep styling away from these components and instead have SCSS files which are compiled separately. The reason I prefer this is that I'm not a massive fan of styles being dynamically injected into the page. But that's more of a personal preference.

With this approach, you write two files per component instead of one per component. Now this is mainly down to personal preference but here is why I like it. Some components can start to have more complicated logic and when you choose to start having service classes, models and follow design patterns it becomes harder to do within just one file. Everything starts to get messy and it can be difficult to read.

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Géry Debongnie • Edited on

Thank you for your reply. I'll think about it

For your information, unless I am wrong, it looks like the build process of vue-cli 3 builds a css file, which is not dynamically injected. However, I think that it was not like that before, not sure though.