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Introducing Squircley, a simple SVG squircle maker!

georgedoescode profile image George Francis ・1 min read

Squircley - SVG Squircle Maker

PRs always welcome on GitHub

I love squircles, but I am hopeless at wrangling SVGs in design software. This gave me the idea to make Squircley! It is a simple web editor which produces lightweight SVGs, ready to use wherever you like.


  • Vue.js (framework)
  • Webpack (tooling)
  • PostCSS (styling)

Features 🌟

  • Teeny tiny SVG file sizes 🔎
  • Delicious squircley perfection 👌 - no more intensely staring at that curve wondering if it is even
  • Colorful 🌈 - pick from a list of pre-selected colours or input your own
  • Multiple Export options 💾 - copy your squircles straight to the clipboard or save them for later

In case you missed it, Squircley is live at with a repo hosted on GitHub at

Im always up for making improvements + tinkering so please add any feedback you have / submit a PR / whatever!

Happy designing / dev-ing 🎨 🤖 ❤️

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