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What intermediate/advanced CSS resources do you find essential?

georgecoldham profile image George ・1 min read

I have found myself guiding traditionally non-web-based developers doing mostly intermediate front-end tasks. The discrepancy in skills and knowledge of CSS and how to properly use it between developers means I am spending a lot of time going over things such as pseudo elements, flex-box and css grid amongst others, and I am running short on time for my own work.

Im looking for any intermediate/advanced resources or courses to point others (and myself) towards when they are trying to get their head round some of the newer, less used or less well known parts of CSS, as well as a solid foundation.

Free courses preferred, although good paid resources are an option. Thanks!


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I found that specificity really tripped up developers. If you aren't at least a bit aware of how it works, it really seems like CSS is "broken" and all you can do to fix it is throw !important on the end.

It's not really a guide, more like a reference, but I found this helpful with CSS grid.


I’ve been pointing people to css-tricks, however it doesn’t capture how css works outside the example scope. It’s great as you say for reference, but not for teaching overall structure.


I would say try the w3schools and go through the tutorials there as well fCC is a great place to go and if you want to see code in action codepen is a wonderful tool for learning how things work together. I think one of the most useful css tools for the toolbox is knowing how to utilize the media query to make your project responsive to different screen resolutions. I am not an experienced developer so this is just coming from my amateur experience. I would be curious to see what the css ninjas out there would have to say?


Oh I defiantly agree with all these points. CodePen especially is really inspirational and useful.

Sadly neither option is as structured as I need to effectively bring everyone up to the same standard.


Anything by Jen Simmons. In particular, her YouTube channel is full of great learning materials.


I'm really enjoying this course on Udemy and think you might like it too.
It has some really good projects to work on.