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Discussion on: Are Front-End Developers Happy?

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George • Edited on

"Full-stack" consultant here, specialising in front-end.

EDIT: I realise my post below is mainly negative and I want to address that. This industry is filled with some of the most interesting and driven people I have ever met. I feel it is unique, in-that there is challenge for every skill level regardless of experience, with new things to learn and do all the time. It is also an industry where if you want to slow down for a bit and not be bleeding edge, then that is available too. I would challenge anyone to tell me of another industry where your work can reflect the lifestyle you want to quite the same extent.

My largest issue is everyone else assuming that enterprise front-end work is the easy part and devaluing the work. I find myself having to justify why something is taking longer than the gross underestimate that someone non-technical made before I was even involved in the process.

I enjoy my work. But the culture from non technical/web people within the industry can really put a damper on things. I do feel that perceptions are slowly changing though.

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Miranda Author

Thank you for sharing this.
I thought the post might resonate since we all know those working in other areas of tech who undervalue front-end development -- sometimes to the detriment of the product.

I do hope it's turning around!