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Discussion on: I'm Not Passionate About Coding

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Im in a similar boat, this is a career I am in because it is part of my passion for creating new thing etc. I'm not ashamed to admit that I chose this over other interests due to the potential to earn more money, but when it is an equal interest to other career options that typically pay less... well here I am.

I enjoy my job, the people, the lifestyle. But mostly I look forward to where it could lead me. I learn what I need to learn for the job, and make a point of staying ahead of the curve in relevant areas. I am proud of the work I do, and I work hard at it. I like to deliver the highest quality product I can. But it will only ever be one of many passions, and not THE passion.

I look longingly outside on nice days, and im not sure I will ever be the kind of person who could dedicate myself 100% to code in the same way others seem to. I go home, I want to go for a run/bike ride. I want to spend my weekend lazing about or going to see a local attraction or whatever.

I dont think my attitude is unhealthy either, I am a believer of maintaining a healthy work life balance, and by fostering my other interests, I am a healthier, more alert, more motivated employee. Crucially I am less likely to burn out like you hear so many horror stories about.

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Great post.

I decided to post my comment here as a reply to your own, we are very similar in this respect.

I do my job to the best of my ability, I am always learning and experimenting. I make good money from doing it too.

The point that most resonated with me is about the "nice days". I too sit and gaze out of the window at the beaming sunshine, the birds, and I think is there something more I should be doing? Am I fully realizing my potential? But then I think, like you, this is the path I am on in order to reach my potential, whatever that may be.

Nice post, great comment.

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George • Edited on

I feel that it is important to realise that a career choice shouldn't define you and how you spend your time. Would you expect a bricklayer to go home and practice laying bricks all weekend, or in the evenings? Of course not. That doesn't mean they don't want to or cant produce high quality work.

I feel like this industry is far too quick to judge a person based upon what they are NOT doing rather than what they are. Fortunately every employer I have had understands this, however I have heard horror stories from friends, colleagues and online.

It is okay and healthy to be human, with a myriad of ideas, interests and passions.

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Travis Simpson Author

Thank you both for your insight. While I haven't gotten to work directly with a development team just yet, it is one goal to do so. Reading as many posts as I do about the subject, I see passion being tossed around every where. George, I like that you pointed out most other career paths do not follow this type of effort. It is the reality of it. It's important for people to recognize there is more to life than just work. I mean, nothing wrong with it if that's your jam! But to shame those that don't spend their entire day and night coding is not contributing to anything beneficial for the field or the people working in it. I have this little fear of being chained to one thing, and I fully realize that is a mental limitation I created myself. For me, it's highly important to have that room of freedom to be able to go outside and explore new places or try new things. IE: I've dabbled in blacksmithing, had a long bout of smoking the perfect ribs, learned to ride motorcycles and drive boats and so much more. I guess, new experiences in short. I also love working out, fitness, pushing my body to its limits (which I failed hard when just getting in to this field and became fat and lazy faster than it took to get in great shape!) This is a great field for the challenge, education, money and experience. That, overall, is why I chose to get in to it myself.

Thank you both again for sharing your view of it :)