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  1. Function constructors still have their place for now, but they are dying. They are going to be used for a very long time for compatibility reasons, although you may not see them too often in day to day work.

    • Side note: I would also discourage the use of classes, they are inefficient and many frameworks are starting the transition to move away from them (See React)
  2. I have only ever seen bitwise operators in hobby projects. That isnt to say that there isnt a use for them, but you are unlikely to ever need them.

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Only the process of creating new classes is costly.
So in case of react functional vs class based wont give you much difference, if you scripted your components properly.

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yeah i have never used them, lol, i most times forget they exist.πŸ™‚ then i go over basics and i see them like "oh these guys"