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Ways social media is changing us and society

george_defo profile image George mathew Updated on ・2 min read

Social media has had a profound impact on how we work and live. It has made our lives fully digital.

Across brands and industries social media is quickly turning into a core component of a business’s strategy.

Social media is completely disrupting the way people consume content. As such social media skills are a key part of a successful resume and a key responsibility in a media outlet. If you want to know what to post, ask your audience for feedback with a form builder tool.

Social media turns and impacts how the organization runs.

If you’re not sure about the perceptions of your brand create a quiz on social media and decipher changing perceptions around your brand. Social media is a great place to share content and get links.

Social media platforms may be the banks of the future

Social media dons new hats
Social media can help you pay off your rent and make investments as well. Social media is changing banking relationships. It’s quickly becoming a core spot for customer service allowing people to send and receive money via online ways

Also social media is quickly leading people to lead double lives. Self- centeredness and the need to be loved and liked by a bunch of social media friends lead people to live lives where their self esteems are part of what others think of you. They tend to show off their houses and lives.

If not careful internet being the cruel and uncaring place it is can come back and haunt you for your deeds.

Risks with social media
There are things like identity theft, stalking and others that keep harming others. Companies before hiring someone always run background checks and your past should not be left untouched to come back and haunt you.

Another place where social media is changing us for better or worse is how we communicate with others. Social media channels were heralded as channels of growth where you could simply talk to other people and eliminate the need for phones, emails and clunky letter-sending.

Social media changed communication but more so as a place where we project our real or fake identities and much less a place where we really connect with the other person.

So it changed communication but just not the way we imagined it to change our lives.

Social media is also doubling up as a place to show your resume.

If you have skills, show don’t tell. Social media is the single most place where you can showcase your expertise by showing what you can do. How well you manage your pages is testimony to your digital marketing skills.

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