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How to market your business with technology?

george_defo profile image George mathew Updated on ・12 min read

In this post we are going to look at several ways to market your business with technology.

Get an email service

Email marketing is a fantastic way to connect with new and existing customers. It doesn’t matter if your tech business is big or small, email marketing opens many doors. It’s a quick way to reach out to an existing database at any time and promote a service or product.

Sales and curated content both can be sent to your target audience that engages and entertains them both at the same time.

Customers are receiving hundreds of newsletters so what you must do is make the design, the headings and the newsletters attractive enough for them to take action.

Mailchimp for instance is a free service with a pre-designed template you can use.

Make sure the emails are designed well and mobile friendly, as people don’t need to open desktops to read the emails. They first check it on their phones. And then tend to proceed further.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting is today a mainstream way of connecting with your customers.

People who have visited your website or have ordered from you in the past are more than likely to visit again. They show all the telltale signs of being repeat customers.

It's important you use behavioral targeting techniques to target this set of people.

You should advertise and target them with similar product suggestions fine-tuning the message you’re sending so that they take action. Such tailored messages can help you convert them and make them repeat buyers.

Pro-tip: if you’re promoting through social media, make sure to make your graphics top-notch and visually stimulating.

A free shipping message might attract them. Such targeting is only possible thanks to technology.

Use a website

A crucial digital water cooler is your website. It's a place that you use to describe your services or products. For tech businesses, the odds of someone or a potential customer visiting a site are quite high because a website is an extension of technological progress.

When the content is created—illustrate the quality of the product through the blog.

Make the content simple by killing jargon and other useless advice.

Describe things in a manner that anyone can understand. You can also curate content and share links from other people and social channels.

Use a mobile app

In this day and age it is foolish not to have a mobile app around your business. Everyone is on their phones and there’s an app for everything today.

You may have doubts about this. But, as compelling as they are, put them aside.

An app opens up a whole new channel that lets you communicate with customers. It doesn’t matter what.the business is. It can be a restaurant or a business that helps people sleep better.

Remember that the app is a dedicated space for them and your audience has access to you with a simple click. The app is fully fitting their needs.

Sometimes creating the app alone isn’t the most difficult or the most important step. You can figure out how to outsource that aspect to a professional app developer. The critical step is to promote the app in a way that people find it from other relevant places.

But before you go all guns blazing into app creation and promotion do reach out to customers first. Talk to them. Make sure what you build is going to be apt for them.

Create a list of every single customer you have or of people who are part of your paid newsletters.

You can begin to reach out to your customers by first creating a list of every single person you have ever sold to or those who are part of your newsletter.

Their feedback is going to help you.

Or better use contactless menus instead of apps in times of Corona.

It is also important that the team developing the app stays in constant and clear communication with each other to ensure they are all on the same page. Visualizing an app is the easy part but creating it can be a challenge for those involved if they are not clear from the get-go.

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