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4 ways technology changes content consumption

george_defo profile image George mathew Updated on ・3 min read

Here are four ways technology is revolutionizing content.

Content Streaming
Has anyone already noted the death of cable? Traditional cable companies are falling like dead flies.
American consumers are increasingly finding themselves mesmerised by streaming shows on Netflix and Hulu and there’s no dearth of content on these channels.
Technology has truly shifted the way we enjoy content.
Faster internet speeds have given way to this seismic shift in content consumption patterns.

Social Media
It’s hard to imagine a life today that’s bereft of social media channels. Social media has turned our worlds upside down and completely changed the way we use and consume content. Social media has overtaken consumption patterns ranging from video, music, Your graphics and other formats and according to research takes up 12% or more of our daily lives.

Smartphones too are part and parcel of our lives. Hubspot says that people want to increasingly consume social media feeds, news articles and other things on their phones rather than laptops or PCs. Also
sms marketing aids this.

In 2016, investments in artificial intelligence touched the $2.4 billion mark. Investments are only going to go up. This is thrice the amount of $700 in the last three years combined. Ranging from self-driving cars to talking refrigerators technology is at the core of how we experience the world. If you want a great reputation, invest in AI.
The direction is clear.

AI and content
AI is also revolutionizing content consumption in a number of different ways. Many home entertainment gadgets and electronics like the Amazon Echo and DingDong will help you choose music and content according to your mood and taste.

Like AI, the Internet of Things is exciting everyone who happens to get trapped in its complex matrix. IoT is still something that hasn’t been fully rolled out yet because the infrastructure in most nations can’t fully accept 5g rollout. But the day isn’t far and when it does IoT will become part and parcel of our lives, creating immersive experiences. Product-led content as on a blog is going to be the norm according to David from Beomniscient.

Interactive content
This past decade has absolutely transformed content consumption. Odds are you’re already consuming interactive content in the form of social games, as quizzes and so on.
The traditional content type is declining in engagement and that’s where newer content types are emerging.
Audiences are bored and brands are turning to interactive content to gain an edge. Brands are creating relevant, accessible content on all frontiers to this end. Be it vpn reviews or product showdown of phone systems from Getvoip, interactive content is winning.
You can also offer interactive content on email via Convertkit.MailCharts has also a huge database of email examples which you could use for your email campaigns when you try to promote your new content/product or similar.

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