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I m currently replaying wow wrath of the lich king in a private server. This is my fifth time revisiting the setting and leveling up again😋.

Most nostalgic game and particular version that I play every two years again is Pokémon crystal. So many things to do, so many features. From defeating both maps,breeding and cross breeding your Pokémon defeating the high level hidden boss, ten lvls of super hard battle tower...man I can talk about it for pages to go. This Pokémon version had so many things that even later versions didn't and still don't have that it's amazing. Fullest Pokémon experience, and one of the greatest game boy games for me.

Also needs huge research to conquer the battle tower in every lvl, you need to catch good Pokémon, breed them to get the best offspring with the best stats and moves and then train these children to the max by killing low lvl Pokemons to get the max experience values...

Needs commitment😅

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