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HacktoberFest 2020!!

Looking forward to connect with web devs around the world! Engineer || Content-Writer || Athlete
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Hey there, Hows your October going on! Made 4 pull requests yet?
Wait what did'nt work? Let me then tell you what might have gone wrong.

Firstly what is HacktoberFest all about?

Its a month-long celeberation of Open Source organized by Digital Ocean. Also it supports the environment by urging every participant to plant a tree.

Whats the fuss about?

Github is the largest open source for hosting various software projects where developers around the world can collaborate and look into to the issues faced by the author by making Pull Requests.

Whats A Pull Request?

The Author of a particular repository posts a issue. Our job as a contributor is to look into their issue and provide possible solution to their problem. Firstly fork the repository, Git clone the repository to your local computer. Make neccessary changes and push to the forked repository and make a pull request.

When will the Pull Request be valid?

THe author will look into your pull request very shortly( make sure the author is active before making the pull request and the repository is labelled hactoberfest) and the author will either:

  • Mark your pull-request as hactoberfest-accepted.
  • Approve your pull request.
  • Merge your pull request.

Upon the following actions will your pull request then set to a maturity timer of 14 days until which the author can review your pull request.

So then roll your sleeves up and begin Hacking!!
Follow up for more beginner and intemediate level stuff.

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