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Top 5 African Tech Podcasts

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As podcasts are making a buzz on the continent and Africa tech scene is growing faster. Here are some tech podcasts you should listen to keep you updated with what’s going on the continent.

Forloop Podcast

Hosted by Ada Nduka Oyom, the podcast covers a range of topics including dev, UX, ML/AI and tech ecosystem in Africa. It was created for Forloop Africa the larger African developer community and tech enthusiasts.

African Tech Round-Up

If you want to know what is happening in Africa tech ecosystem this is your go-to podcast. Produced in Johannesburg, South Africa, ATRU podcasts are hosted by Andile Masuku where he covers the different innovations on the continent and invites some experts to share insights on the Africa tech scene.

24Bit Podcast

Kenyan based, 24Bit podcast is an ongoing conversation on happenings in the technology world from new Smart-phone on the market to Fin-tech solutions and discussions on the e-commerce states in Africa. The podcast runs bi-monthly brought to you by several Kenyan tech bloggers. The host of the podcasts are Techish Kenya, TechTrends, Android Kenya, TechArena, E-labz.

TechCentral Podcast

Duncan McLeod is the podcaster of TechCentral the leading news and information resource for people involved in South Africa’s fast-growing information and communications technology industry. Duncan is one of the best tech journalists in Africa while sharing the insights on the new technology, he also invites well-known players in tech eco-system in Africa to share with the audience what’s happening in the tech world.

CodeCast Zambia

Zambia based podcasts, CodeCast is one of the leading biweekly podcast that focuses on everything tech (from innovations in AI and machine learning to the latest in data science, from the WWDC to Google IO), and the role developers play in shaping the future of technology, both from a uniquely Zambian perspective to the repercussions on a global scale.

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