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A Simple Bluetooth Keyboard Can Boost Your Productivity by 40%

Did you ever notice how much you type on your iPhone or iPad beside your MacBook at your workplace?

At times, I communicate with my team and clients on multiple channels, due to which, I need to use your laptop and iPhone both simultaneously! That said, it isn't easy to switch between the devices and maintain productivity at its best!

While many Bluetooth keyboards claim to be the finest for iPhone and iPad, I got this one for myself.

After working for a few days, it was worth noting that I just spent 30 minutes in a whole day working on my iPhone and iPad, apart from my MacBook. Before that, it was like an hour or two when I used the built-in keyboard of the iPhone and iPad.

I sometimes wonder, many ideas come to my mind, but I don't get a path to implement them. I'm sure this happens to most of you. It's just about how we see things differently rather than ignoring them or not utilizing them to their potential.

Well, if you too work on multiple devices (any smartphone or tablet) at your workplace, do give this a try and thank me later.

Note: The Bluetooth keyboard isn't compatible with any of the iPhone cases or iPad cases . So make sure you remove them before you start using them.

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i got logitech bluetooth for macbook but sometime it lags

geniusgeeks profile image

True, even I faced similar issues and never used again. Logitech sometimes behaves weird and I always choose the one that's recommended by users (friends) who've already used a particular product.