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Do’s and Don’ts for freshmen (engineering graduate)

Before jumping on the do’s and don’ts, let me be clear that these facts and figures are thoroughly my ideas, thinking, and experience. Being a sophomore of B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering, I’m a 3rd-year aspirant and I’m writing this blog after experiencing the first two years of graduation. I hope It’ll be helpful to you.

• Develop an interest in Technology and Learning:- Being passionate about this field will make your learning things much easier and enjoyable. Learning should give you pleasure. Participate in events, attend Webinars and watch Techfests & broadcasts of Tech companies.
• Interact with your seniors:- You’ll meet vibrant kinds of seniors. Some who read only work on projects, some who are good in talks, some who are very good in some extracurricular activity etc. Interact with as many of them as possible. Everyone has his/her own experience.
• Read and write blogs: If you’re good at communication and writing, then you should start writing blogs and articles. Do starting work on writing Documentation, Research papers and your own Blogs. If you think you’re not good enough in writing and communication, then you should start it immediately. I’m telling you, this is the only and the most important thing which will take time to develop.
· Learn how to Google: You might be thinking, what a silly kind of advice it is! But believe me, you may think that’s easy but sometime you’ll find it frustrating when you’ll not get what you want. If you want to be a developer or anything, then you should know where to search for what.
· Make connections which real teachers: The teachers teaching you, may or may not be the real teachers. Most of the teachers are just employees, they don’t know what they’re teaching as they never practice the subjects they teach. The real teachers are one who actually done and achieved the things which you want to achieve. Make the connections with a developer working for companies, tech talkies, corporate employees and most of all your seniors.
· Explore everything possible: I’ve found most of my junior to a hacker. And when I ask why most of them have the same answer ‘I’ll hack universities’ website and will increase marks; or will hack FB/IG accounts’. Dear new aspirants, be a little practical ASAP. It is good to be determined in a specifics field but you should taste everything.
· Develop small habits: Like, learn an algorithm, solve a coding problem daily, write a blog once in a week, learn at least two vocabularies daily and must-read about new any new Start-up/company once a month at least. “Developing habits means Developing yourself”.

• Don’t be a nerd every time:- Don’t be over-enthusiasm. Do search and learn things by yourself as much as possible. If stuck, only then ask for help/guidance. Explore everything but not all the time. Like explore things to get the right direction, but don’t get lost in between.
• Don’t lose focus: Be focused on why are you here at this University, what you want to achieve. Be in touch which keeps you motivate (not over motivated). Extra curriculum activities are good but you need to be focused at the same time.
• Don’t be afraid of failures:- You’ve opted engineering not just to pass exams and get good grades. You’re here to learn something. It’s easy to learn guide books and score well in exams but it’ll not help you at all in the future. It’s completely fine if you are not at the top of your batch. You’ve already conquered something which many few could do. Crave for knowledge, be passionate and keep learning.
• Don’t be an unknown unpaid employee of someone else: Sometimes you may feel like you’re contributing to someone's works, helping them, enhancing your overall skills, etc. but hey! Try to see the big picture. Most of the things are not the same as we think they’re. People always try to use your skills for their own sake of interest and you’ll get that later. That’s why I mentioned- don’t be ‘unknown’ and ‘unpaid’ employee. ‘Never do the things for free in which you’re good at’. Be creative and be clever.
• Do not get dizzy with money: Knowledge comes first, then money. It is good to learn about money (like Robert T. Kiyosaki said in his book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’), but you should learn which thing is important at first for a long jump (Knowledge or Money). First learn, then earn.

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That’s all. Thanks for reading this. I hope you got what you want. Feel free to connect for any queries.

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