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Discussion on: Realizations from being a frustrated developer

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Gene Author

While I agree that you have to spend time doing side projects or technical blogs to learn and succeed, I also believe sometimes it's the opposite. There are just things that you cannot learn inside an enclosed space unless the other developers you're with also have very good experiences that they are willing to share. It's somewhat related to "Our ability to learn is unique". But yes, the things you learn in your office/job--can be nothing compared to what you can learn when you do your stuff--hacking a new framework, etc.

How were you able to cope up, Chastina?

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Chastina Li 👩🏻‍💻

I totally agree with you. Doing side projects and tech blogs are not the only ways to learn. Attending conferences, talking to other developers, and even giving talks are also great ways to learn. I personally just find that coding projects on my own forces me to understand concepts and details that I always ignore under other circumstances. But I'm just talking about myself, everybody have there own ways to learn. Although the one thing that's universally true is that you have to put time and effort into it. I'm struggling to cope up because my time and focus is limited these days, I'm trying to fix that.