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Magento Development Best Practices (KMSS)

genaker profile image Yegor Shytikov ・1 min read

Keep Magneto simple stupid (KMSS). Once you get into Magento you're going to find that there are hundreds if not millions of ways to get things done you can write a piece of code in a hundred different ways. You can refactor it a ton of different ways and then things become unmanageable. Magento guys like to over-engineer their code they like to show off how smart they are and then they try to make things so complicated and so twisted, that nobody else can read the code except them and then they feel some sort of pride about that. However, over time, as you gain experience you start to understand that Magento code. ALL that is working against you you need to keep code as simple and consistent as possible and that's what's going to help you be able to avoid crashes, avoid bugs quickly.

Be able to read and understand your code or other people's code. Refactor things quickly, make changes debug code faster and it's just going to help you build your Magento much more quickly. Use NodeJS, vanilla PHP SPL. Use modern languages Rust and Go. Use Cloud Technologies (Serverless, Kubernetes, managed services). Use ReactJS, Vue Storefront instead of outdated and slow Magento frontend. Don't use Magento bloated libraries and extensions. They are outdated and overcomplicated. Build business logic, not code complexity. Avoid as many frameworks as possible, just use plain vanilla language features, and not over-engineer things. Just keep things as simple and basic as possible, not using a bunch of frameworks and abstractions.


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