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Discussion on: Building an Event Sourcing System in Rails, Part 1: What is Event Sourcing?

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Steve Geluso

I was talking to someone today who is dipping in to programming running a bike share program in YVR Vancouver, B.C. They are learning Python and parsing a lot of transactional data. Event sourcing sounds like a great school of thought to come from to process data. The thing about that sort of data is you DEFINITELY don't want to ever delete or modify anything so you never lose the real record of what has happened.

Thanks for introducing me to this! I look forward to running in to it more in the future!

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Isa Levine Author • Edited on

Ooo that sounds like a rad project, Steve--and so good to hear from you! :)

And yes, event sourcing would be a great way to approach managing that data. In case you haven't seen, I wrote a tutorial for building an event sourcing system in Rails here!

Let me know if you end up using it, would love to hear you thoughts and catch up sometime!