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Gelato Network
Gelato Network

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Gelato Network is hiring! Technical content lead, Web3 research analyst, back-end and front-end engineer!

Gelato Network is a protocol that automates smart contract executions on Ethereum. We develop an open-source decentralized network of relay nodes that developers can plug into to create amazing automated dapps for their users.

Join our growing team and work directly with the founders to build the future of Automation on Ethereum. Enjoy a lot of perks, travel with us to cool events, and participate in amazing off-site retreats with the team!

Technical Content Lead (Remote)

What we offer:

  • A fully remote team with team members in Zug, Paris, New York, Berlin, and many other cool places
  • Join the "Gelato Legendary Member Club" and work directly with the founders
  • Participate in building the infrastructure that aims to become the glue between all crypto networks and power the most promising dapps on Ethereum and beyond
  • Generous Token Package - Get a share of the network's token and be able to participate in the Gelato DAO
  • Chance to participate in shaping the future of web3 by working together with the biggest projects in this space, such as MakerDAO, Connext, Quickswap, etc.
  • Worldclass Investors - We are backed by top class VCs and Angels including Dragonfly, Galaxy Digital, ParaFi, Gnosis, Stani Kulechov and many more!

What you will accomplish:

  • You will define and execute the content strategy to communicate the benefits of our product offering to the existing and prospective developers across multiple channels, including blog, YouTube, Twitter, Newsletter, Discord, and other editorial and social media channels
  • You will engage directly with developers in our community and other Web3 developer communities to acknowledge their needs and create educational content such as tutorials and guides to help them succeed
  • You will be the one that amplifies our voices in the Web3 developer communities
  • You will work with data to measure the impact and effectiveness of all the content

Our ideal candidate has:

  • Track record of creating engaging content for the developer audience — you define yourself as a technical content creator
  • Working knowledge of programming languages such as Solidity
  • Excellent written and presentation-based communication skills (native or fluent English speaker)
  • Strong curiosity or understanding of the blockchain landscape (Ethereum, DeFi, etc.)
  • The basic understanding of how SEO works

Bonus points if you can demonstrate:

  • You have a growing social media channel like YouTube, Podcast, or Tiktok
  • You are actively involved with the developer communities
  • Developer marketing experience in the B2B technology space

If this list gets you pumped, we want to hear from you -- email us at

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