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Luthira Geesilu
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Tech Equality Pledge: Educating, Mentoring, and Advocating for Change

I pledge to embrace equality in tech by...

I pledge to embrace equality in tech by educating myself, mentoring, advocating for change, supporting diversity, and amplifying voices.

Obstacles to gender equality in the tech industry are...

In the tech sector, there are various barriers to gender equality. Unconscious bias is a significant barrier. Women, transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and two-spirit people may find it harder to get hired, advance in their careers, or stay in tech professions as a result. An additional barrier is a lack of representation. However, they frequently work in unfavourable circumstances that include harassment and discrimination, which can hinder their ability to develop in their professions or even stay in the field. Ultimately, addressing gender imbalance in the tech sector is a difficult issue that calls for cooperation from individuals, groups, and society at large.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have positively impacted...

Initiatives for diversity and inclusion have had a positive effect on the tech sector in a number of ways. increased representation of underrepresented groups, such as women, people of colour, trans people, nonbinary persons, those who identify as gender non-conforming, and people from different backgrounds. As a result, the workforce is now more diverse and inclusive, which can encourage innovation, creativity, and a wider variety of viewpoints. Diversity and inclusion programs have improved the retention rates of underrepresented groups by fostering a more inclusive workplace.

Initiatives for diversity and inclusion have assisted businesses in utilizing these differences to spur innovation and competitiveness. It can aid in fostering a more pleasant workplace culture by encouraging respect, empathetic behaviour, and teamwork. Higher staff morale, job satisfaction, and general well-being can result from this. Companies may attract a wider spectrum of clients by developing goods and services that represent the diversity of their customer base. This might give businesses a competitive advantage and expand their clientele.

The tech sector has benefited overall from diversity and inclusion initiatives, which have aided in building a workforce that is more inclusive, diverse, and creative.

I will commit to educating myself about...

I am dedicated to educating myself about marginalized groups in technology, seeking diverse perspectives, supporting and mentoring underrepresented groups, learning about gender equality issues, being an ally and an equal opportunity advocate, and seeking resources to improve.

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Kavisha Nethmini

great post!! keep it up!! 😎❤

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Luthira Geesilu

Thank you! ❤