How I Got A Remote Job As A Frontend Developer

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Once again,hello guys and today I will be sharing how I got a remote job as a frontend developer .I stay at Nigeria where I build petty web applications for open source projects. It wasn't easy finding a job over here so I decided to find a remote job to keep me busy.I'm a workaholic 😊😊.
So during my search for remote jobs I found a website that listed about 400 fully remote jobs from different companies and organization and then I knew I hit the jackpot 😎😎.
Here is The link to the website:
Later on I applied at 8 remote companies for 10 different roles thought it could work for me but it never worked out,I ended up getting rejection emails on top rejection email.It was really frustrating and depressing until I decided to aim a particular company and put all my effort into that company so I applied with all the best I got hoping that it was enough.
Few weeks passed,while going through my mails I saw a mail from the remote company I applied for which says that I would be interviewed via a zoom meeting at a specific date.
I was a bit happy so I started reading and doing research on commonly asked interview questions including technical questions. I did this 5 days in a row,trust me I didn't want to lose the job.
Finally all the work I put into was now on my shoulder during the interview, though the interview wasn't that long just 10 minutes of my time I figured out the interviewer was friendly and he asked me some questions like 'Why do you want to work with us', 'Can you develop mini web applications' and others.The questions weren't that hard at first till it got to a point where the questions were now tough and I had to gather all the knowledge I knew and put it into good use and answered the questions though I wasn't sure if I got some correctly.
So few days after the interview,I received another mail from the company that I am now part of their development team and should check on on the other development members to guide me through their working process and their codebase.
So I bonded with the job and I was really into it.
Thanks for reading.

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That's awesome I am a developer and I am from Ghana. I have tried your link and is not working. Can you repost the link again. Thanks