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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Ideal for Small Businesses

Studies have proven that 65 percent of businesses take on a CRM system within the first five years of starting operations. Researchers also say that 53 percent of leading companies across the globe invest in their existing CRM systems to grow sales. The reason why CRMs are so crucial to business, especially small-scale ones, is because it helps them ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. That's the aim that every division in every company has in mind. So, what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions do is empower businesses with relevant quality data to enable the achievement of this goal.

Dynamics 365

It also alludes to the importance of choosing a capable integrated solution to assist the organization to provide superior customer experiences. Though there is an abundance of CRM solutions in the market, nothing does the job quite like Microsoft Dynamics 365. Why it is such a recommended solution is that it is capable of facilitating a substantial spur in innovation and also enhance the business' return on investment (ROI).

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ideal choice for small businesses.

  1. Business insights: One of Dynamics 365's most significant advantage is its ability to unite data from a variety of sources to deliver crucial insights. This Microsoft CRM offering can put together reports, no matter if it’s about customer service desk efficiency, finance updates, or sales pipelines, in a matter of minutes, using data that would typically take longer to gather and process.

  2. Inter-department connectivity: Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based offering that combines CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), it can connect various departments, starting from sales and marketing to finance, customer relations, and operations, across the organization. It is because the system aims to ensure that the collected data can be accessed by anyone who needs it, in real-time, to help them make more informed business decisions.

  3. Comprehensive business support: As mentioned earlier, Dynamics 365 can be utilized by practically every team in the business. Moreover, we aren't talking about just marketing and sales -- they are visible. This CRM solution can also help the finance team via reports and perhaps even personnel in the administration team, who can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 features like Field Service to schedule meetings more efficiently.

  4. Scalability: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 is capable of scaling by the business' current needs. It, eventually, translates into strong customer engagement processes and better collaborative sales among others. Moreover, that's not all -- the solution also improves mobility, boosts security, drives innovation, delivers better accessibility, and facilitates intelligent investment infrastructure.

It is easy to see why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is such an appealing option despite the presence of countless other solutions in the market. The tools this offering from Microsoft includes are intuitive and are capable of accommodating the business’s diverse requirements. A trusted provider of Dynamics CRM consulting services will help adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 for its flexibility and countless other benefits.

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